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Our Story

"Where's Bruce?"

That’s what my manager always used to ask my colleagues at the Japanese bank I worked at right out of undergraduate school. Right there on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center in NYC.

Great elevator rides every day for a few years…but that was about as exciting as that career path got. I was a municipal bond analyst and helped calculate the likelihood of, say, Miami or some other municipality defaulting on their municipal bonds. The world needs people to do this. Just not me.

I was so bored...

After I was there a while (like the first couple of weeks) I was so bored that I would always wander around to chat with folks at the bank. I’d take those “10-minute breaks” just about every hour. And my manager would constantly ask, “Where’s Bruce?”

At the time my folks had a commercial printing business in White Plains, NY called “Magjak” (my mom’s name is Maggie and my step-dad’s name is Jack … get it?). Working there during summers was when I got really interested in helping companies market their message.

Ogilvy, BBDO, Vogue. Dang mom and dad!

I guess design and the whole creativity side ran in my blood because my mom was a women’s fashion designer and sold her brand to top retailers like Saks & Bloomingdale’s. She even got written up in Vogue! Dang mom!

And my father was an incredible commercial artist for Madison Avenue’s top agencies like BBDO and Ogilvy. The Mad Men days! Oh, and my sister Leslee is ultra creative…like on a different level. Jewelry, drawing, painting – you name it. And the list goes on with my extended family actually.

Fast forward...

Over the years we felt a need to expand our services at Magjak so we re-branded as OlleyMay Media — yep, another cryptic name that’s the fusion of two other names 🙂. Then came Proforma.

In 2018 we affiliated with Proforma (I know, the names keep getting better and better). They’re one of the nation’s largest marketing distributors. With $500 million in buying power and 700+ offices, Proforma has proven to be invaluable in helping add value to our clients and assist them with all of their marketing needs, from design to print to video to web to branded merchandise. And with over 200 support staff in our worldwide support center on the east coast, there’s basically nothing clients can’t come to us for.

And here we are today where our mission is quite simple...

…to help organizations easily and effectively engage their target audience and streamline procurement by offering world class commercial printingpackagingdirect mailbranded merchandise, and online company stores. 

And as an added bonus, we’ll help you achieve your diversity and ESG objectives since we bring MBE and woman-owned business certificates to the table.

So…what’s it like working with us?

 Well, when we ask clients what they value in our relationship, some common feedback includes:

•  The convenience of calling one company for pretty much any marketing execution need
•  Our whatever-it-takes attitude (lots of rolled up sleeves all day long)
•  Punctual and deadline driven (we hate missing deadlines more than you do)
•  Reliability
•  Creativity

We’re a friendly bunch and passionate about client service, execution, creativity and follow up follow up follow up. Basically we’re the “roll up your sleeves and git ‘er done” type for all things marketing.

Sometimes we get unsolicited feedback like:
“Thank you! You are the BEST! :)”
“Great idea. You’re very creative.”
“I cannot thank you enough for pushing this through for us. We were in a bind and you and your team made this happen. Thank you so much!”
“Wow, that was fast!”
“You rock!”

OK. Enough about us. Tell us about you.

•  Do you have a lot on your plate?
•  Could you use some support from a reliable source that top brands put their trust in day after day?
•  Do you come out of brain storming sessions and not know who to turn to sometimes?
•  Time to outsource a part of your business but not sure who to turn to?

If any of this sounds like you then we should have a chat. Message, email or call me and let’s see if there’s a fit.
No obligations, just real talk about your needs and answers to your questions. One client described me as “a soft spoken kind of guy”, so don’t be shy. There’s nothing “salesy” here.

Thanks for reading this. Contact me when you’re ready. 🙂

Bruce Browning | President, Proforma Edge
Direct: (914) 380-7510

Say "hi" and let's see where it takes us

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