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Direct Mail Marketing

Let Proforma Edge help you make more meaningful, lasting impressions with the proven power of direct mail marketing

From single one-off mailings to automated, triggered direct mail programs, you can count on Proforma Edge as a trusted, proven direct mail provider.

Quick video of data-driven direct mail in action

Here are samples of mailings that Proforma Edge has executed over the years

Personalized fold-over postcards

Think about spicing up your next mailer using simple name personalization. If used creatively it can help increase engagement and response. But don't fall into the trap of disregarding the other basics of direct mail: your offer, your list and your overall design and copy.

“Personalized” brochure mailing

Here’s a perfect example of relevance: the front cover of a multi-page booklet mailer for a travel company contained 3 pictures of trips most relevant to the recipient. The pictures were based on travel history and price of similar trips as a way to increase engagement and interest, and ultimately bookings.

Financial and insurance consumer mailing

We regularly produce large scale direct to consumer mailings for financial, insurance, and healthcare clients. Our facilities are SOCII certified and HIPPA certified, so we can handle sensitive data for organizations requiring the highest level of security and compliance.

Consumer product fulfillment

What do Nabisco, Duracell, McCormick, L’Oreal, Schick, Energizer, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, and Reckitt Benckiser have in common? They all had products mailed from our offices for consumer testing purposes.

Data-driven brochure

Imagine receiving a brochure for a conference and having certain sessions highlighted for you based on your customer profile, purchase history or historical attendance? Oh, and call out your name on the cover using a yellow sticky note?

Manufacturing our own envelopes to avoid delays due to supply chain breakdowns

Some of our plants manufacture envelopes on site instead of relying on an envelope manufacturer, allowing clients better control over budgets, inventory and lead time.

Event promotions

Let the Proforma Edge team help you market your next event with a series targeted advertising messages to help boost attendance. From direct mail to display ads, video ads, and targeting competitors, we'll help you maximize all possible angles to help you make the most of your event.

Consumer product testing

Need to distribute consumer products for testing or feedback? Let the Proforma Edge team handle all your needs, from warehousing, storage, kitting, fulfillment, mailing and receiving returns.

Personalized letter and brochure

If you have good data on your audience (age range, gender, purchase history, survey responses, etc.) then consider personalizing your mailer as much possible, because here's the basic formula: Increased personalization = increases relevance. Higher relevance = higher readership Higher readership = and response. BOOM!

"You're only 350 calories from our new location on Main Street"

That's right. These days you can use the distance from the household receiving your mailing to a specific location in clever, eye-catching ways that can help increase readership and response. For instance, use a personalized map or convert the distance to steps or calories for a fitness center grand opening.

Segmented mailers to help increase response

And higher relevance = higher response. You no longer have to think about mailings and "everyone gets the same mailer". You can personalize messages, images, and the entire layout based on your target audience. Or simply create "versions" of mailers (one for lapsed customers, one for active customers, one for prospects).

Grabbing attention using colored paper

You no longer have to think about starting your mailing campaign with white paper. Start getting creative and think outside the box with colored papers. This picture shows the use of full color printing on black paper, creating an alluring, more engaging experience for the recipient.

YouTube invitation Draws a Crowd

How do you get Madison Avenue's top agency brass to attend an event hosted by YouTube? Send everyone an invitation they can't ignore -- a box with the latest Youtube book, some candy (everyone likes sweets), a Lyft gift card to get them to the event, and a personalized note.

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