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A Gift Worth Remembering

There is magic in the perfect gift.

Think back to a time when you received a special gift from someone. You probably went through a range of emotions like surprise, excitement, and appreciation.

That’s because the perfect gift creates a lasting memory and forges a stronger relationship between the recipient and the gift giver.

This year create that experience for your employees and customers with powerful branded gift experiences.
If you haven’t started thinking about recognition and holiday gifts, we encourage you to start soon!

We recently posted a blog on how supply disruption worldwide will affect your plans and what you can do to stay ahead of it. You can read it here.

Here are three principles to help you as you start planning.

It’s About Them

Adding name personalization to your gifts shows it’s all about them. Personalization is a great option for a surprisingly large number of items, including gift sets like this Personalized Coffee Mug Set (AD-1501). We know which items can be personalized and how to pull them off.

Share the Love

Show your customers and employees that you care about those closest to them with sharable gifts! Food gifts like this Mrs. Fields® Cookie Set (CI-1501) are great sharable sweets. We can help you share the love with thousands of options for food gift sets and cooking experience gifts.

Make it Memorable

There is no denying it. We live in a mobile-first world. So much so, that according to Bright Edge’s mobile study, “More than half of all searches are now performed on mobile as opposed to desktop.” That means that if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, getting that done should be a #1 priority of yours going forward. But be warned, there’s a difference between just having a site that works for mobile and having a site that’s optimized for mobile.

If you’ve ever gone to a website on your phone and had to endlessly pinch and zoom to find what you’re looking for, the website wasn’t optimized. To properly optimize, you’ll need to create an experience that is customized just for mobile users. This means you’ll have to think of things like changing the font size, making your content scrollable and even changing the layout of your website if necessary.

Does the idea of working on your website scare you?

We’ve got your back. We have a team of experts that can handle any digital media task, from design, coding, copywriting, photography, and more! 

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Originally published by Reid Smith, Marketing Communications Specialist at Proforma.

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