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Get Back on the Road Again with Brand Essentials

Whether your team is on the road to staffing back up, to new sales appointments, or to a much needed vacation, your brand should be ready and eager to tag along with these brand essentials.

But to do that you’ll first have to beat the supply disruptions and product shortages that are affecting companies around the globe.

If you want to avoid uncomfortable delays and keep your promotions and programs on track, we can help.

Recently our team of experts met with our incredible Supplier Partners and curated a list of the best-branded products companies will need to get their companies back on the road to success this year.

Here are several essentials you won’t want to miss out on…

Leave Behinds

Give leave behinds that leave an impression with these back-to-business branded essentials for your sales and marketing teams. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, these promotional products provide some of the highest impressions for your branding dollar. We’ve talked to our Suppliers and picked some of their bestselling branded products that customers love in this collection!


Eco-Friendly Products

Align your marketing and promotions with your sustainability mission with these great Green Strategy essentials. According to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study, 46% of consumers surveyed have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly. From PET products to reusable products, environmental giveback programs, and more, going sustainable is easier than ever with great products like these.


Welcome Back (And Forth) Gifts

Equip your team for the trip back (and forth) to the office this year with these Welcome Back (and Forth) hybrid worker essentials. With over 71% of executives surveyed stating they believe many of their employees will favor a hybrid working schedule over a traditional in-person schedule, a new generation of hybrid workers are born. Keep them equipped and successful with the perfect collection of branded products for the ‘back and forth.’


Recognition Gifts

Recognize those that have gone above and beyond for your company this past year. Whether it’s for those that have been there a long time, are retiring, or are just plain old rockstars, pick products with a high perceived value to keep employees happy and engaged. Think about the complete presentation of the gift including the packaging and personalized note to make it really special.


Ready to stock up to avoid delays?

Let’s schedule some time to talk about your end-of-year needs and start getting your orders in early to avoid delays.

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Originally published by Matthew Shumaker, Marketing Specialist at Proforma.

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