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How to Design Effective Marketing Postcards

Marketing postcards have been a staple of business for a long time, and even in our highly digital age they remain a cost effective way to get you into the hands, homes and offices of consumers. Here are some tips to consider the next time you embark on a postcard marketing campaign.

Grab Attention With Design: Postcard marketing has been around for far too long for you to be relying on the standard size and appearance. Grab attention by using non-standard postcard sizes and high-quality double sided printing. Did you know that postage costs for a 6″x11″ postcard is the same as for a 5″x8″ size? Test your design. Try attention-grabbing images versus a design that is more text heavy.

Consider Field Personalization: Postcards that start with a generic salutation are less effective than personalized ones. In addition to using name personalization, get creative and use other fields of information, such as their city — “We have been servicing companies in for over 10 years. We’d love to add you to our list of satisfied clients”.

Use Demographic Data to Your Advantage: Today’s printing technology allows you to personalize printed communications, thus making your messaging more targeted and relevant which is proven to generate greater readership and response. Think of Amazon product recommendations or Netflix movie recommendations. You can now have this type of dynamic messaging in your print marketing.

Tracking Don’t just drop your campaign in the mail and hope for the best. There are a variety of tracking methods you can use to maximize the effect your postcards will have. Not only will you be able to measure your campaign’s impact, but you’ll also be able to see if you need to make adjustments as your marketing campaign progresses. Today’s tracking allows you track when your postcard arrives in homes, allowing you to schedule email follow-ups.

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