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How to give a high-value client a gift that’s impressive, not cheesy, and shows your true appreciation for their business

It’s a common problem.
You have a big client that you want to thank or impress, and you want to give them a thank you gift. Or maybe a welcome aboard gift or a corporate outing gift or a seasonal gift. But you don’t want to give them another stress ball, backpack, throw blanket or journal book. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with those items, but they not be a great fit for the high end client you have in mind.
Good news. You can send them anything. And there are no minimum order quantities. Here are a few ideas to stoke your imagination:
•  $500 Yeti cooler
•  $2,300 drone with camera
•  $500 KitcheAid mixer
•  $200 Apple AirPods
• $350 Beats headphones
• $800 Apple iPad or any table
• $600 TaylorMade driver

So open up your thinking the next time you want to make a truly lasting impression with a gift that shows your appreciation and that represents the value of your brand and the value of your relationship.

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