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Postal Rate Changes – July 2022

The United States Postal Service announced price changes effective July 10, 2022. The chart below reflects the updated pricing. 

Planning a direct mail campaign? Here are 6 helpful tips.

  1. Plan your campaign earlier than normal; paper and envelope supply is limited. Early planning can help you avoid rush charges.
  2. Save postage by cleaning your database before you mail by doing things like removing duplicates, unwanted names,  and updating addresses.
  3. Consider live stamps, even on a postcard. Studies show live stamps  can increase response rates.
  4. Split your campaign. If your mailing package includes an envelope, and the quantity is in the millions, then your campaign’s timing will certainly be challenged due to today’s supply chain issues. Make sure you plan months in advance, but also think consider breaking your campaign into smaller quantities, spread amongst multiple suppliers. This might help get all or some of your campaign mailed in a more timely manner.
  5. Consider enhancing your mailing with digital ads, allowing you to display your message on mobile and desktop devices of the audience receiving your mailing. Think “multiple” — multiple channels can multiply readership, response and return on your spend.
  6. Use personalization, even if it’s as simple as “Dear Mary” instead of “Dear Customer”. Studies show personalization helps increase response, and these days it’s expected and shouldn’t cost much more.

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