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Moments: 2023 Trends

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to stick to the status quo and choose to continue with business as usual. But in this blog post, we’ll suggest some ways to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on popular promotional products and  trends for 2023! 

Brand Matters: Recognition is the Mission! 

Philosopher William James once said “the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” Human nature doesn’t stop just because you’re in a workplace. The people that make up every step of the business cycle still yearn to be appreciated and recognized, and it’s important to make your employees, clients, and prospects feel valued and seen.

New, On-Trend and Eco-Friendly

Casual comfort and sustainability are no longer just trends – they’re the new norm. With formal workplace dress codes on the way out, comfortable apparel with relaxed yet professional style is becoming super popular – especially if it’s eco-friendly! It’s a whole new category called “workleisure,” and it’s here to stay.

Brand Matters: Creating Culture

The average employee spends more time working than they do sleeping or being with their families Monday through Friday. With such a big chunk of life being taken up by work, it’s important that the place an employee goes to all week to punch in and punch out has a positive company culture that recognizes and rewards them.

6 Awesome Apparel Gifts

Shorter days, changing leaves, that chill in the morning air – ready or not, fall is on the way. And with chilly weather approaching quickly, it’s time to break out the warmer wardrobe. Cozy fleece, knits and outerwear are extra popular this time of year, and we have lots of comfy, on-trend styles your customers will love.

Ready, Set, Gift Season!

It’s time to start thinking about the holidays, and we’re here to help. From gifts that keep them cozy to hot tech accessories, we’ve identified four major themes that will define the 2022 gift season, and we’ve even picked a few of our favorite products to go along with each.

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